Oman duty free

The following items may be imported per family into Oman without incurring customs duty:

• Up to 2L of alcoholic beverages (non-Muslims only).
• A reasonable quantity of tobacco products.
• 227mL perfume.
• Eight video tapes or DVDs for personal use.

Restricted items: Meat products officially require an Islamic slaughter certificate and import licence. Medicines in their original packaging and with the original label should be accompanied by a prescription or medical certificate. Certain medicines may be illegal in Oman and may be treated as narcotics, so you should check with your nearest embassy before you go.

For a full list visit the Royal Oman Police website

Banned imports:
The import and use of narcotics and obscene material are forbidden and can lead to imprisonment. There are severe penalties for drug offences including, in some cases, the death penalty. 'Soft' drugs are treated as seriously as 'hard' drugs. The possession of small quantities of cannabis can lead to a 12-month prison sentence and deportation. For a full list visit the Royal Oman Police website (as above).

The list of banned imports also includes: leaves, flowers, seeds and stems of cannabis (Indian hemp); raw or prepared opium; firearms and ammunitions (including toys and replicas); dummies of arms, pistols, etc which can be modified into real arms; children’s fireworks and firecrackers; alcoholic drinks (unless you are a non-Muslim); transmitted radio and wireless telegraph devices; pornographic publications, obscene films and literature (videos may be subject to censorship); all types of blank cheques or receipts; money notes or forged coins; textiles of any form bearing drawings or imitated paper money or bills of exchange of the government of the Sultanate of Oman or any other government; weapons which could be turned into knives or swords; sticks and rifles, including any rifle which has been designed in a way to hide its true nature; drugs and tools which are banned by the International Opium Conference.

Banned exports:
All the materials mentioned above are banned for export unless authorised by the General Inspector of Police and Customs.