Oman Regions

The Sultanate of Oman is administratively divided into four Governorates and five Regions:


  Governorate of Muscat   Al Batinah Region
  Governorate of Dhofar   Al Dakhiliyah Region
  Governorate of Musandam   Al Sharqiyah Region
  Governorate of Al Buraimi   Al Dhahira Region
    Al Wusta Region

Each Governorate/Region is formed of Wilayats (totaling 61); further divided into Niyabats. Additionally, each Region has one or more Regional Centres totaling 12 overall.

Al Wusta Region Ash Sharqiah Region Ad Dakhiliah Region Adh Dhahirah Region Governorate of Muscat Al Batinah Region Governorateof Al Buraimi Governorate of Musandam