The ‘Sun Mountain’ is not just popular because it is the highest peak of Oman but because of the Spectacularly deep Wadi Ghul lying alongside it. The straight-sided Wadi Ghul is known locally as the ‘Grand Canyon of Arabia’ as it fissures abruptly between the flat canyon rims, exposing vertical cliffs of 1000m and more. See it to believe it.


Day 1
Leave Muscat in the morning and travel to the interior via Fanjah, Izki, and Nizwa where you will stop to take a stroll through the Old Quarter of Nizwa before continuing on to Al Hamra. Stop at the old village of Ghul to see the ruins of the abandoned Persian village and then travel up the canyon to Nakhr to meet the villagers. From Ghul, drive to the top of the Canyon near the summit of Jebel Shams. Picnic lunch at the rim of the canyon. Visit the local weavers and haggle for their wares. Dinner and overnight at Jebel Shams Camp resort.

Day 2
After breakfast hike down the canyon rim 1km above the floor to the abandoned terraces and cliff dwellings. Before you return to Muscat stop at Misfat al Abreen to see a picturesque village strapped on to the side of a mountain.