Witness atop majestic mountains 2000 metres above sea level and encapsulating a view that is breathtaking while you surround yourself with the clouds, the scent of roses and pomegranates being cultivated in the area, mountain goats greeting you their way, and the sun occasionally smiling at you. The weather is chilly throughout the year and is ideal for overnight barbecues in winter.


Day 1
Depart in the morning from Muscat and travel through the Sumail Gap and Izki, to drive up to the roof of Oman, the Saiq Plateau which for hundreds of years was accessible only on donkeys. The weather up there is cool and refreshing. The sight of the terraced gardens is worth beholding. Visit the villages of Aqur, Shrejaya and Wadi Bani Habib. Find a beautiful spot to have a picnic. You will see a variety of fruits like walnuts, apricots, pomegranates and lemon grown here. Enjoy a pleasant hike through the villages. Experience a Private BBQ Dinner on the mountain top with your guide Overnight at the Jebel Akhdar Hotel.

Day 2
After breakfast, checkout & visit more villages before you descend the mountain to enjoy a Wadi bashing in Wadi Muhaydin. Later return to Muscat with the day on your own